Tentative Beginnings

Hi.  I’m Marjorie, and this is my blog.  It’s about politics and conservatism and stuff.

I’ve been circling around the edges of conservatism for a while, and I decided to finally take the plunge and wrote my preliminary political manifesto, “Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party”, which debuted on PolicyMic yesterday afternoon.  It’s gone viral (in a minor capacity) and has garnered a lot of interesting and thought-provoking responses.  I’m awed and grateful by the experience, but I see that it’s time for me to head back to the library.

The move, while planned, was a bit premature.  Normally I do a hell of a lot more research, planning, and thinking before I submit something to PolicyMic, but sometimes life requires moments when you trust your gut and step off a ledge.  I was glad I did–The American Conservative, a publication I deeply respect and that I cited as one of my reasons for defecting, retweeted my article as a “very good read”.   I wasn’t a Political Science or philosophy major in college, so while most people in this field are armed with their Machiavelli, Stiglitz, Friedman and Hegel, I’m better equipped to get you through a busy market in Beijing and discuss the implications of the Great Leap Forward and the Cultural Revolution.  So I’m embarking on this journey without a real idea where I’m going, which is not how I roll, but weirdly, feels right.  Will I register as an Independent?  Officially become a Libertarian?  Run back to the Democrats (prob not)?  Join me and we’ll see.

I’m going to use this space to react to political thinkers I read, foment debate, challenge the status quo, and comment on current events as they pertain to conservatism.  Come one, come all.  I’m new to this.  I need your help.  Challenge my thoughts.  Point out my logical flaws.  Just be prepared for me to challenge you back.

Oh, yeah: I should probably mention something relevant to the title.  Yes, I’m Latina.  (I’m also African-American with some German mixed in there somewhere.)  No, you’re not going to find recipes on how to make authentic pots of rice or whatever.  Yes, I speak Spanish.  No, this blog is not bilingual (though I may resort to swearing in Spanish if something annoys me).  Yes, I am immensely proud of my heritage.  No, you’re not going to find those self-involved essays about what being Latina means to me.  I don’t struggle with my identity as a Latina.  I embrace it.  Cool?  Cool.  Now, let’s get cracking.

And if you want recipes for authentic pots of rice, I’ll link you over to my mom’s blog.  She’s a great cook.

I look forward to meeting you all.


One thought on “Tentative Beginnings

  1. Very excited to follow you on this journey, your opening statements are already impressive. You are finding your own voice, and this transformation seems very fitting as it will allow you to lead with your own ideas rather than follow the predictable. 加油!If the conservative and/or libertarian movement in the US resembled more a mentality like yours and less the likes of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz I would be much less inclined to defend the Democratic Party at all costs. I am looking forward to hear from you what kind of conservatism or libertarianism you feel enamored to and to what extent liberalism does not provide what you are looking for.

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