Dental Pain, Continued

I hate to keep making excuses, but I’m still in pain from yesterday’s tooth pulling. It’s 10:30 and I’m going to sleep. I think the last time that happened I was in high school.

I will mention these few things before I pass out:

I’ve temporarily stopped reading The New York Times because of their refusal to portray blacks as more than mere stereotypes. Two articles in the same weekend–one portraying an angry black woman who can somehow write things, the other detailing the story of a black man being gunned down despite his Yale education–made it clear the Times can’t see beyond the prejudiced perceptions. I won’t patronize a publication that sees me, a young black and Puerto Rican woman who is attempting to make something of herself, as a statistic. My decision has changed my perspective in how I approach journalism and publishing. I’m far more discriminating in the things I read and am less willing to cut slack to publications that are lazy in their portrayal of ethnic minorities. To be fair, many publications cut corners to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible, but that’s not excuse. Whether it’s a tiny blog like this one or a famous rag, you should expect articles to be written with a certain level of ethics and impartiality.

I’m very concerned about the Hong Kong protests. So far things are going exactly the way I predicted they would, which is unflinching condemnation* from Beijing, which only reinforces the stoic resilience from the protesters. I don’t think this is going to end quickly or well. There isn’t much analysis to be done here: Hong Kong wants universal suffrage, and Beijing won’t give it to them. It’s going to be a question of who blinks first. I must make it absolutely clear that The Libertarian Latina takes no official position on these protests. I only wish that this disagreement is resolved in a peaceful and orderly manner.

*The Chinese page I linked to calls these protests “illegal gatherings”


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