A Response to the Twitter Cabal

Hey, everyone.

This past Friday I was too exhausted to do a round-up, and I have no one to blame for that for myself. I spent too much of Friday–and too much of last week in general–on Twitter having discussions with people that took up too much of my energy. I also have other projects that I’m working on outside of this blog that I’m not at liberty to discuss yet, and those deadlines are coming up very soon. Additionally, things with my visa are finally loosening up, and I should be on my way to China by the end of the month barring any further delays. I’m still learning how to balance all of this, and I appreciate your patience as I continue to learn how to manage my time.

In a way the Twitter discussions have been a very good thing. I like engaging with people and having them visit the blog so they can get more than 140-character snippets of my ideas. I also appreciate support from accounts like Black Republican. They do an amazing job of showcasing rising conservative talent in the blogosphere. I’m not talking about myself here: writers like Chidike Okeem and blogs like Hip Hop Republican get their day in court thanks to Black Republican, who take the time to make sure everyone gets a moment in the limelight.

But being on the Internet so much has also been emotionally draining. When strangers call you names and project their own assumptions about you behind the safety of an avatar, you feel it’s a lose-lose situation before the round even begins. You can’t change anyone’s opinions of you, and it’s disappointing when people resort to dumb rhetorical tactics like ad hominem attacks and straw man arguments because they don’t know how else to react when their worldview has been challenged.

Let me be clear: I’m not going to stop blogging because the Internet is full of idiots. What I am saying is that I’m going to blog smarter and and stop getting involved in discussions that aren’t productive. This week has been good for me in terms of stats and comments and I want to keep that going without feeling like I’m swinging blindfolded at a piñata.

I didn’t blog Monday, Wednesday, Friday but I did do three posts this week, and I’m happy with that. I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow with a new post.




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