Monica, Hair, and Dear White People

Happy Monday, everyone!

This week’s posts are going to be on the lighter side because I’m getting ready to go to China. Today’s post is about what it’s like to be a woman on the Internet. Wednesday’s post will be about natural hair, and Friday, God willing, I’ll have a review of “Dear White People”. So here we go.

Monica Lewinsky is back. She gave a speech earlier today at the Forbes 30 Under 30 summit where she called herself “Patient Zero” of having her reputation ripped apart on the Internet. She might be right, but the point isn’t that it happened; the rancor against women on the Internet has not only continued, but intensified. It started with Lewinsky, but the ire that rages agains the female victims of Gamergate to the point where the women have to leave their homes from the amount of death threats is inexcusable.

I’m not defending Lewinsky’s decision. But Americans love to pick the bones of a pariah long after the carcass has rotted, and the Internet allows cowards to harass women with little legal recourse.

I admire Lewinsky’s courage to speak out today. But I’m not sure what her strategy is to “end cyberbullying.” How do you defeat bullies in real life, let alone the ones you can’t see? Clearly the laws need to change, and the attitudes that accept attacking women needs to change. But how do you regulate and enforce protection laws on the Internet?


One thought on “Monica, Hair, and Dear White People

  1. This might be a first because I think we pretty much agree on this. There has been mounting Monica-hate among Liberals lately but she doesn’t bother me a bit. I’m not blogging this week since I’m studying for the PE but I’ll deposit my 2cts for anyone that cares.
    I don’t want anyone to think I feel sorry for Lewinsky, because I don’t. Adultery is a dirty deal and those who engage in it are rolling the dice. She happened to crap out, but she was young and the fact she was ostracized for 20yrs was jacked up. I believe the GOP wants to make her story relevant to somehow damage the Clinton campaign. Conversely the Libs want her to disappear so she doesn’t sink the first viable woman POTUS. The Average Black man, on the other hand, is vested in neither. I don’t buy this bullying angle but from Monica’s perspective this is a cash grab and a chance to maybe cash in those old chips; and that is fine by me. She gotta eat.

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