About and Frequently Asked Questions

Marjorie Romeyn-Sanabria is a 2012 graduate of Wesleyan University, where she majored in East Asian Studies. She is currently a graduate student at Concordia University Irvine pursuing her master’s in International Studies. She is a former editorial assistant at The American Conservative , and a former culture and political blogger for PolicyMic (now known as Mic ). She has guest posted for The Daily Caller and Hip Hop Republican , and tweets about politics, religion, China, international relations, and race at @marjorieromeyn.

She likes, in no particular order: international cuisine, semicolons, music, books, museums, politics, art, and BBC’s Sherlock.

Why are you writing about black politics when your blog says Libertarian Latina?
Because I’m not just Hispanic or Latina (I keep forgetting the politically correct term); I’m also black. And black twitter/black politics affects all of us. That’s why I write about it.

So, how do you pronounce your name?
Excellent question. My first name is pronounced “MAHR-geor-ee”. Last name is pronounced “Rom-EYE-n sa-NAH-bree-uh”. I will never make anyone say it three times fast.

You’re a Libertarian?
I think the proper term for my political beliefs would be reform conservatism. Libertarian Latina just sounds catchier.

Are you pro-life or pro-choice?
I don’t get involved in political discussions on the Internet that have been oversimplified and leached of all nuance and compassion. Some issues are too delicate for a pat answer. But I’d love to chat about it with you over a drink or coffee.

Who have you written for?
A bunch of online publications, but the place where I have the longest track record is PolicyMic. My articles “Why I’m Leaving the Democratic Party” and “Feminism is for White Women” are the two pieces that got the most traffic and responses.

Wait, you’re not a feminist?

How can I get a hold of you?
That’s easy. Just fill out the form below! I look forward to hearing from you.


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